Could you be a little more ambitious?

So what’s up with that?

On the first page of the site, you say that the goal is the global eradication of the poverty orphan syndrome?

Global Eradication?    Seriously?  

Let me explain why we picked those words:

  • Global – to acknowledge that the problem of poverty orphans isn’t unique to Haiti, it’s not unique to Uganda, it’s not unique to Rwanda.   It’s an international crisis.   To say that it’s a Haitian problem would be true, but it would ignore the children in Uganda or in Kenya or in Turkey or in Jordan or…….
  • Eradication – how can we pick anything else?   Would you really want to say, “I want to eliminate the poverty orphan syndrome in just one country?”   Or I want to reduce the number of children given up for adoption due to poverty by 5%?    Anything less than total eradication of the poverty orphan syndrome is a work in progress.   
  • Poverty Orphan Syndrome – We’re calling it a syndrome, not because any official medical care organization has given it medical disease status, we’re calling it a syndrome because it’s a pervasive mindset.   There are too many situations out there where parents who are struggling with extreme poverty have no one to turn to for help.   The only option that they have is to turn to an orphanage.

Or watch their child(ren) die.

We aim to change that.   To give the parents the opportunity to have someone come alongside them during their tough season and help them through it.   Give them the hand “up” not the hand out.    And allow them to keep their family together.

That’s what we want to do.    And we don’t want to stop until there are no more.

Join us in praying for parents in those situations and the organizations that are already helping them.  

Join us in praying for clarity on what role God might be calling you to take on behalf of these vulnerable children and their families.

Thanks for caring,


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