May 302014

In a continuation of discussions from the Lessons of a Navy Seal commencement speech, Admiral McRaven lays out a  convincing case that if you want to change the world, you need to make your bed.

What?   Why?

Because it’s important to do the little things well.

Because if you start off your day with something, even a small thing accomplished, you will feel better about your day and will get more accomplished.

Because if you can’t do the little things right, if you won’t do the little things right, can and will you do the big things right?

The act of making the bed is not that terribly important (don’t tell my 13 year old I said that), but the act of making the bed is important in what it says about your day and what it says about how you accomplish things and what you intend to do to change the world.

So, make your bed and then go change the world.

Excuse me while I go make my bed…….

There, now  it’s time to change the world.

Are you in?


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