May 022014

Yes, it can.   How?

By creating jobs, by expanding markets, by increasing sales.

There are many business people all over the world  who are making products that they sell to be able to support their family.   The more sales they make, the more likely it is that they can support their family.   The more likely that they can support their family, the more likely that their children won’t become poverty orphans.

So, what?

One of the things that I want to do with The Vulnerable Project is to create an online store.     The products sold in the online store could come from all over the world.   The requirements would be that they would:

  1. Come from a recognized organization that works with local business people to help them conduct business and grow their business.
  2. Employ staff who you could classify as vulnerable people – in other words, if they didn’t have this job opportunity, they’d run the risk of malnutrition, homelessness or worse.
  3. This would be a partnership that would be mutually beneficial.   In other words, not only do the increased sales need to help the people who make the goods, but a portion of the sales need to help fund the work of the Vulnerable Project so that we can in turn do more to help more kids.

I have my own list of possible partners, but I need your help.    I’m sure many of you know organizations that meet those requirements – some of you maybe even run organizations that do that.

If you know of or run an organization like that – whether it’s in Haiti, Uganda, Bangladesh, Vietnam or wherever, I’d like to hear from you.    Can you take 3 minutes and fill out the contact form below so I know who to get in touch with to have discussions about whether this would be an opportunity for both them and us to make a difference?

On behalf of the vulnerable children and families this may help, thank you,

Tom Vanderwell

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