May 032014

So, yesterday, I wrote about my desire to set up an online store that would sell “things” that would employ vulnerable people and help keep families together.   You can read that at

I’m excited to report that I had a very productive meeting today and will be working on the details but very soon we will be offering a variety of Haitian products available for purchase online.   This will be an excellent opportunity to buy things that are Haitian made (you should smell the coffee!) and it will help 3 different “people:”

  • It will help the Haitians who make the products – and the benefit goes directly to the farmers and artists and such.   This will enable them to care for their families.   For example – the coffee growers will make four times as much than what they would if they sold it to a major coffee brand.
  • It will help the organization that is funding and organizing this – their goal is to have their seminary and training school in Haiti be completely self sustaining – funded through their business ventures.
  • The Vulnerable Project – this will help support some of the opportunities that we hope to pursue with The Vulnerable Project and the impact that it has on families.

Stay tuned – much more to come.    But in the mean time, if there are specific things from Haiti you’d like to buy, fill out the form below and let me know so we can work on them.

God is good!   All the time!


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