Prayer as a Weapon Part #2 (Your prayers are heard)

A couple of hours later, Mallery posted this on the Facebook page:

Thank you for every prayer that has already been spoken! The work crew made it safely back from lunch break. Frentz was able to speak with the tap tap driver who was beat up pretty badly by several men on the work crew. (Those members of the crew were immediately fired and have gone home.) Frentz and the tap tap driver had a calm talk, and we are praying the peace will continue. We have offered to fix his truck even though he ran into the parked vehicle. The tap tap driver has two children and a wife and he says he completely forgot about them as his anger raged and he tried to kill one of our workers. He admitted to the police that he was going to kill the man. He also says he is a Christian. The men did not try to enter our property, but we are most concerned for our construction crew and staff members as they walk to and from work over the next few days. May the Holy Spirit bring peace to all of the hearts and minds involved. Our neighbors have been knocking and very concerned about violence on our street. We are in a safe area and our neighbors care to keep it that way. We appreciate every prayer. We are feeling their effects already. Mesi Anpil!

About 10:00 last night, Mallery wrote this:

All the kids have been tucked into bed and are fast asleep. We are so thankful that the older children were in school when the fighting took place and the babies were too young to realize there was anything violent happening. So far the night has been quiet. Your prayers are heard. We did not hear of any incidents as our staff members left work. We will be up praying at 6:00am as they make their way back to Hope House. (Shifts start at 7:00am) Our hearts are calm tonight knowing of your love and prayers. Thank you.

About 7:00 tonight, Mallery wrote this:

Thank you! Thank you! We have had a much calmer day. This morning all of the workers made it without any violence on the street. In the middle of the night the tap tap driver called Frentz and said he was in so much pain he couldn’t even close his eyes. We gave him 500 Haitian dollars to go to a doctor this morning. We don’t think he will be eager to start another fight anytime soon. And the men who were fighting and fired from their job are also feeling the “pain” over their loss of employment. Violence does not reap steady income. We are thankful to have people like you who love and care about us and HFAP. Your prayers gave us peace and comfort. We know the Lord used this scary situation to bring His people to their knees and converse with Him. The Lord is so good to hear our prayers. Even though this prayer vigil is over, please continue to pray! We have many staff and friends sick with Chickungunya. It is a horrible virus and has been called the “bone crusher”. Continue to pray for peace on the streets and in the hearts and minds of the Haitian people. We send you our biggest hugs and most sincere thanks! Mesi Anpil!

Your prayers are heard.

Your prayers are heard.

Your prayers gave us peace and comfort.

We know the Lord used this scary situation to bring His people to their knees and converse with Him.

Oh and did I mention, Your prayers are heard?

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