May 222014

Because this is rather lengthy, I’ve broken it down into three parts.   All three parts will be published tonight.

Yesterday, I had a very urgent conversation with Mallery Neptune.   Mallery is the director of the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty and a very good friend of mine.   They were in the middle of a very volatile situation right outside of their facilities and needed a lot of prayer and needed it very quickly.    She asked me to help and of course I did.    It’s not an exaggeration to say that lives were at stake.

She and I quickly determined that the easiest way to rally a lot of prayer quickly was through Facebook.   I bet Mark Zuckerberg didn’t think of that when he built Facebook but it’s a great tool for that.

So, I set up a 24 hour prayer vigil event on Facebook.   The goal was to have three to five people praying for the situation at the Hope House for the next 24 hours.   This is what I wrote on Facebook to describe the situation:

Mallery and Frentz Neptune and their staff and kids are involved in a very violent and dangerous situation. There was a traffic accident outside their location between a tap tap and their construction manager’s truck (the tap tap was at fault) that very quickly escalated into a full blown riot with guns, attacks with shovels, rocks and more. One person is in the hospital, shots were fired in an effort to keep an innocent man from being decapitated by a shovel.

Mallery and Frentz are very concerned that the tap tap driver, who already went and got reinforcements is going to come back with even more reinforcements and that the Hope House staff (and the construction crew) would be risking their lives to step outside the walls.

Will you join us in a 24 hour prayer vigil for Mallery, Frentz, Jayvan, the kids at Hope House, the staff, the construction crew and anyone else that is there?

Specifically, please pray for:
1. Calm hearts and minds for Mallery and Frentz and their staff and kids.
2. Safety for all.
3. That the peace of Christ would overcome the attackers and they would be deterred from any further violence.
4. That Satan would stop his attack on God’s people in Haiti and that God’s will will be known and prevail.

We’d like to have a minimum of 3 to 5 people praying every moment of the next 24 hours. I’m working on an official online sign up sheet, but for now, we’d like you to do two things:
1. Accept the invitation to the event and then comment on the time slot (or slots) you’d like to take. For simplicity sake, all times listed will be Eastern time.
2. Invite all of your Facebook friends to join us in this prayer effort.

There are lives at stake, there is a huge emotional toll that is at stake. Thank you for being willing to help.
Tom Vanderwell (a friend of Mallery and Frentz and a supporter of their work)

I commented to Mallery that they were in the middle of a very fierce spiritual battle and that we’d rally the “troops” to help them fight off the attacks of the devil.

Go read part #2 for what happened next.


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