Prayer as a Weapon–Part #3–What’s Next?

To me, it is nothing short of amazing how, when a group of God’s people rallied in prayer behind Frentz and Mallery, the situation calmed down.   Coincidence?   Nah, don’t even try it.

So the initial crisis is passed, that’s awesome.

But are the problems solved?   No, they aren’t.  

I’ve said many times, in the first world, Satan uses complacency, greed, materialism, technology, time, sports and the pursuit of leisure to drive a wedge in between people and the God who loves us.

In the 3rd world, Satan uses violence, poverty, disease, hunger, malnutrition, unemployment, voodoo and other very outright and bold tools to drive a wedge between people and the God who loves them.

So what do we do about it?

I’m working on some ideas.  Ideas that will:

  • Create a greater connection between people in the first world and those in the third world who are struggling.
  • Create a greater awareness of the fact that many bad things aren’t just bad things that happen, but are truly acts of the devil attempting to sabotage God’s people.
  • Use prayer and a network of prayer warriors to fight this battle on a higher level.

Stay tuned, pray that God opens the right doors and the right tools and I hope you’ll consider joining me as we work to use prayer to change things in Haiti and elsewhere.

God can do it, He wants to hear from His people, so let’s tell him.

Thanks for praying,


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