Jun 052014

I’ve had some people ask me, why don’t you have very many  pictures on the website?   You know, the adorable malnourished children that make everyone want to give money?

There are a couple of reasons:

  • because, contrary to the blog that I ran in my prior position, this site has a different focus.   Currently the focus of The Vulnerable Project is developing the business side of helping.   “Business side of helping?”   Doesn’t that sound cold?   No, it doesn’t.   In reality what that means is that we’re focusing on  creating jobs so that children can stay off the pages of orphanage blogs.   We’re helping grow markets so that children do not have to leave their parents because they can’t afford to feed them.   Eventually, we’ll show you more pictures of the efforts of those efforts, but the focus is on avoiding kids getting into the situation where their pictures would show up that way.
  • As we kick off the focused prayer ministry portion of The Vulnerable project, there will be, at times, pictures that accompany the prayer ministry portion of things.    Those will be pictures of people in need, of children who are struggling, of specific efforts that need prayer.
  • Once the Vulnerable Project Grant Program gets underway, there will be pictures of the projects that we’re hoping to fund and projects that have been completed.

So, there will be pictures but, given the fact that The Vulnerable Project’s focus is different than a typical orphan care organization, the amount and type of pictures will be different.

I hope that makes sense and thank you for your support of our efforts!

Tom Vanderwell

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