During this past week, I (and many around my area) have had a very important  but painful lesson slapped in our faces.

Vulnerable isn’t JUST a 3rd world problem.   Google “West Michigan Christian Radio Host” if want to know more what I’m talking about.

It isn’t a problem that just happens with restaveks in Haiti.

It isn’t a problem that happens just with vulnerable children in Uganda.

Or India

Or Ethiopia

Or Guatemala


The problem is right here.   It’s in the first world.   It’s in Michigan, Ohio, Quebec, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta and all over the world.   It’s not JUST in the poverty stricken areas of the world. 

So the problem of abused and vulnerable children is all over the world, what do we do?   How can we fight something that big and that prevalent?

  • Start at home.    Make sure your kids feel comfortable talking with you about anything and know they can tell you anything.
  • Be cautious.   Don’t let your kids get into situations where something “ could” happen.
  • The internet – it scares me that so many 12 and 13 year olds know more about computers and the internet than their parents do.     How can you keep tabs on who your child is talking to and what they are looking at if you don’t know what Kik, SnapChat, instagram and others are?  You can’t rely on them to be the family expert – because they don’t have enough maturity to understand the dangers.   Learn, stay up on it.    Maybe I should teach a course – “101 Things Your Kids Know About The Internet that You Should Know?”
  • Don’t give up.   Don’t give up fighting for your kids (and probably fighting with them) about it.    But also don’t give up on the children who are already “stuck” in this nightmare and support organizations that fight against the abuse of vulnerable children – pick a place that interests you and support an organization that works there.

The problem isn’t JUST over there.   It’s right here.  

So, The Vulnerable Project will work with organizations in Haiti but also elsewhere.    Because children need to be in healthy family situations everywhere.

It’s a big problem, it’s a broad problem, it’s a God sized problem.   

And God has told us to be part of the solution.

I’m in, are you?

Tom Vanderwell|
The Vulnerable Project|
(616) 292-7559

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