Update on the Vulnerable Project–Can You Smell The Coffee?

I wish there was a way that you could smell the Haitian coffee.    Even my kids love the smell of it!

Things have, on the surface, been a little quiet on The Vulnerable Project.    But under the surface, not so much.    Here’s a quick update:

  • We now have both ground and whole bean coffee available – go to http://thevulnerableproject.org/store/ to check it out.    We recently got a large quantity back from the roaster, so no worries in terms of running out any time soon.
  • I’m working with two other organizations to put their products on the site soon.     Stay tuned for that – but some really cool stuff.
  • Will be having bottles of Haitian Vanilla and Haitian Almond available for purchase soon as well.

We’re also in “talks” with an organization in Uganda to take on a big project that will help a school and literally hundreds of vulnerable children there.    Stay tuned for more on that in the next couple of weeks.

Go buy some coffee, stay tuned for more and thanks for caring about the Vulnerable Children and Families of the world!


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