Aug 222014

Many people I’ve talked with have not fully understood the concept of the Poverty Orphan Syndrome.    It’s a concept and a reality that hurts – hurts for the mothers, hurts for the children, hurts for those on the front lines.  

I’ve taken the liberty of quoting (below) something a friend of mine posted on a private group on FB for mission workers.   Because I have not asked for permission, I’m only posting part of it and I have removed all geographically identifying terms.    I think it gives a harrowing vision of what a Poverty Orphan really is.

And why we need to do more about it.

‘I can’t be the only person who has women show up at my gate wanting to give me their children. It happens on a regular basis, at least once or twice a month. These are women who are seeking to give their children up strictly because of poverty of one sort or another……….I do not run an orphanage nor to do work in microloans or job creation so I personally don’t have much to offer these women as far as a solution. Most often I just tell them no, I don’t do that and they leave but sometimes it feels so much more complicated than that when ………they get very emotional.  …………..Thoughts?”

Read that again.   They are giving up their children because of poverty.

That just isn’t right.  


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