Evil–Part 1

I’ve been thinking about Evil a lot lately.   Not that I’ve been planning it but I’ve been questioning it, fighting it and wondering about it.  

Why does a good God allow evil to happen?   Why does He allow people to do evil things?  Why does He allow bad things to happen to good people?  And why does it often seem that the good people suffer more than the evil do?   Why do mothers die of cancer?   Why is poverty such a big problem in this world?

If you read “The Locust Effect” by Gary Haugen (from The International Justice Mission), a vast amount, if not all of the poverty in the world is because of evil and violence.   Warning – don’t read his book right before going to bed, it’s scary.   Why does God allow this type of evil to exist?

Let me share a couple of thoughts that I’ve come across lately about why the evil in this world exists.    Both of them come from the movie,  “God’s Not Dead” which my family and I rented this past weekend. 

Theory #1 of why evil exists.   Evil exists because it’s our fault.   Man ate of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eve and brought sin in the world.    God said (and I’m paraphrasing very liberally), “You guys screwed up and I’ll fix it all in the end but there will be consequences.”     God sent His Son to provide the ultimate payment for the sins of the world – and we know the end result.    But we also know that from now until then, there will be pain and suffering in the world.   Could God just make it all go away?   Yes He could.   But like any good parent, actually, the best parent, He is choosing not to remove the consequences of our sin.  

He wants us to make a choice – do we choose Him and reject and fight against what the evil of the world is doing?   Or do we choose to reject Him and side with the evil of the world?

In many ways, I think the evil of this present time is very similar to WWII between D-Day and the surrender of the Germans.   Everyone knew who the final victor was going to be.  Everyone knew that the Allied forces were going to drive Germany back and force their eventual surrender.    But there was a lot of pain, a lot of evil, a lot of death and destruction that had to be “gotten through” to get to the victory and the achievement of peace.

God hasn’t stopped the evil because He wants us to choose.   Do we choose God and eventual triumph over the sin and evil of the world?   Or do we reject God and continue in paths of evil?

Joshua 24:15 – “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”


P.S. But why do the evil people seem to have it so good?    More on that in Part 2

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