Evil–Why do bad people get good stuff? (Part 2)

So why do evil people get so much good stuff?    They drive the fancy cars, own the big boats, live in mansions, take really really nice vacations.   They appear to have it all.   While those who are solid Christ followers struggle – with a wide variety of issues and pains.

It’s not fair!   Of course it’s not fair.   But why does it happen?

There’s a scene in the movie, “God’s Not Dead” which gives some possible insight into it.   One of those “evil have everything type” of people was visiting his mother who is in a nursing home suffering from dementia.    She doesn’t even recognize him.    He’s kind of muttering under his breath and says, “I don’t get it – you’ve been a good person all of your life and you end up “like this” and me, well, my life is just about perfect.   Where’s your God in that?”

Suddenly, she comes out of the dementia fog and says to him,  “Maybe the devil is using your comfort, your riches, your pleasures to keep you in your padded jail cell even though you don’t realize that’s what it is.   Maybe some day, you’ll realize that you’re living in a jail cell that is lined with “things” and that you’re trapped.    But by then it will be too late, the cell door will be locked and you’ll be stuck forever.”

And just like that, the fog returned and she didn’t even recognize her son any more.  

Why do bad people seem to get the good stuff?    Maybe the devil is using that to keep them away from the truth and the peace that comes from knowing that the only really “good stuff” is what comes from God?

So, how can we, as Christians, take that theory and take it one step further.   How can we help those we run into who fit that category – the not so Christian but appear to have it all?   Big question, no easy answers.

But one thing we can do – we can live our lives as shining examples of the love that Christ calls us to.   Be content no matter whatever your circumstances, live your live showing that God is what matters.    Show passion and efforts to help those who are less fortunate than you are.

That will help spread the shining light of Jesus and help those who seem to have it all but are really missing it all to find it all.   To find Christ.

What do you think?   Could that be why the evil seem to have so much?


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