Sep 052014

This morning, I got one of those e-mails that is just really cool to get.    A lady wrote me – she just got back from Honduras on a mission trip.   She had a couple of main thoughts:

  • Her church just built a church building for a remote village in Honduras.
  • While they were there, two families approached them and asked them to take their children back to the United States so that “they could have a better life.”  As the e-mail said, “this is just wrong.”
  • They are working with a group of single moms in that community in Honduras to train them in a trade of some sort that will hopefully enable them to provide for their families.

I don’t know when – but we hope that The Vulnerable Project can be part of that.   We hope that we will relatively soon have products made in Honduras that we can help sell so that these single moms in Honduras can keep their children with them.

This is how it works.    This how God is working through His people.   Want to be a part of it?  

There will be a blog post coming later this afternoon with four concrete ways that you can be a part of what The Vulnerable Project is doing to keep families all over the world together.



Tom Vanderwell
(616) 292-7559

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