Sep 112014

The Vulnerable Project is not about doing the work on the ground.   We are helping other organizations who are already on the ground and are making a difference.   We want to help them do more.   This is part 1 of a series of blog posts about the people and organizations that we are partnering with and that you are helping every time you purchase something from The Vulnerable Project Store.  

The Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center operates out of Petit Goave Haiti.   Nate and Brenda Yonker are dear friends of mine and have been involved with Ebenezer since well before I knew them.     What is Ebenezer?    Ebenezer is, in a very quick summary, a seminary for Haitian Pastors.    Their main focus is training pastors in Haiti so that they can go back out to their church and be a better leader of their church.   That will in turn benefit the entire village that the pastor is working in.    Their goal is a spiritual transformation and renewal all across Haiti.    There is something exciting about seeing a plumber (Nate’s “job”) working to further the spread of the Good News from a carpenter. 

So why is a seminary selling coffee, vanilla, almond and chairs?   Because one of their goals is to attain total self sufficiency.   They want to create a business model where they can support and create jobs in Haiti and their part of the income from selling those goods will help fund the work of the seminary.

No more fundraising.   No more asking people to donate money – that’s a big goal but they are making some big strides in that direction.   Check them out at  

And then buy some coffee.    It’s the best coffee that you’ve ever tasted.

Thanks for reading a little bit about one of our partners, Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center in Haiti.


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