Sep 102014

Today, I read from Psalm 55.   In it, the Psalmist talks about his desire to flee the evil, the terrors of death, the struggles of the world. 

I shudder at the mean voice,

quail before the evil eye,

As they pile on the guilt,

stockpile angry slander.

My insides are turned inside out;

specters of death have me down.

I shake with fear,

I shudder from head to foot.  (The Message)

After that, the Psalmist goes on to say, (and I paraphrase), “I want out!   It’s too hard!   I can’t handle it!”

Oh and the Psalmist – it’s King David.


Now let’s look at that – how often do we feel that way?   How often do we look at the evil in the world and say, “Lord, I want out?”

How often do we think of the problems in the church and say, “Lord, I can’t fix it – take me away?”

How often do we look at the orphan problem and say, “God, it’s too hard and too big, I can’t make a difference!”

But then we move to later in Psalm 55 and King David says,


Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders—

he’ll carry your load, he’ll help you out.

He’ll never let good people

topple into ruin.


Yes, the world is full of pain.   Yes, the world is full of evil people.   Yes, the problems seem insurmountable.

But God will help out.    God will help you make a difference.

So, no matter what evil you are fighting, no matter how big the obstacle you’re tackling, no matter how much pain you are in, give it to God.   He’ll help.    He’ll carry your load.   He won’t let good people topple into ruin – now keep in mind, that his idea of ruin is not financial peace or good healthy or anything like that.    His idea of not letting us topple into ruin speaks more to our spiritual soul than anything here on this earth.

So, go ahead.   Tackle that big project, make a difference, fight for change in your church.   Don’t forget about the vulnerable children in the world.  

Don’t run away from it.   Run to God and take it on together.


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