Nov 292014

It’s been three days since I read this article by Lecrae –

Who is Lecrae?   Here’s what Wikipedia says about him……

That article has gotten me thinking.    Thinking a lot.   Thinking about some tough questions.   Questions that Lecrae has no answers to.

Questions that I have no answer to.lecrae-billboard-650

But a question that I am asking myself a lot is this…….

Does the whole Ferguson mess illustrate and expose that we have another a different kind of vulnerable that we need to pay more attention to?

Are the vulnerable not only the women and children in 3rd world countries but also the children who aren’t white but live in first world countries and are faced with a system that at best has biases against them and at worst is downright discriminatory?

Should we, as the privileged in places like the United States, do more and be more focused on the vulnerable in our country as well.

While they might not be at risk of dying from malnutrition, they are at risk of dying.

And as such, should we be doing more to stand up and fight on their behalf?

I’d love to hear your thoughts,


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