What’s really going on?

What’s this all about?

This caring for the poor “thing?”

Helping the homeless


Orphan Prevention


Social Justice

What’s it really all about?

What’s really going on?



It’s rather simple but very painful.

We’re at war.

The devil is doing everything he can to harm, hurt, kill and destroy God’s people.

And how does he do that? 

  • Corruption
  • Disease
  • Malnutrition
  • Abuse
  • Sex trafficking
  • Comfort and complacency
  • and every other way that he can attempt to damage, hurt or destroy God’s people.

And as usual, he starts with the weakest link.   So he’s first going to go after the children, the weak, the ill, the defenseless.

Precisely because they are defenseless.

Everything we talk about here at The Vulnerable Project will be focused through that framework.  

The devil wants the darkness to win.

We need to push back the dark.

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