Jun 162015

It’s not an accurate comparison.

At least not yet.

And I pray that it never gets to that point, but there’s trouble brewing in the Caribbean and the “First World” seems to know nothing or if they know, they don’t seem to want to talk about it.

What is it?

It’s a piece of legislation that is about to be enforced in The Dominican Republic.  The legislation was passed back in 2013 and there was a good bit of protest at that point but it didn’t change anything.   Now it appears that the government of the DR is going to enforce it – potentially as early as this Thursday and other “rumblings” state that they will enforce it in August.

It says that says if you live in The Dominican Republic and were born after 1929 (in other words – anyone 86 or younger) and are not of “Dominican ancestry” then you are going to be deported to the country of your ancestry.  (I’ll quote links to this information at the bottom of this article)

So, if your parents left Haiti in search of a better life and moved to The Dominican 50 years ago, and you were born in the Dominican, by virtue of where you were born, you are a citizen of the DR.   Let’s say you are 40 years old, your wife is 37 and you have four kids.    Your wife’s parents also came over from Haiti before she was born.

So you and your wife and your kids are all citizens of the DR according to the rules that used to be in place.   Oh and since your entire family moved to Haiti, you have never set foot in Haiti.


Well, the government of the DR in it’s racist and antagonistic “wisdom” passed a law that essentially said, “If you are of Haitian descent, we don’t want you.   Go home.”

What a minute, the DR is their home – they have never lived anywhere else?

The government of the DR is taking steps to send upwards of 250,000 people – people who “had” citizenship in the DR – and strip them of that citizenship and deport them and send them back to Haiti.

How can they send them “back” when they have never been there?

And what are they going to do when they get to Haiti?

The most recent estimate I heard was that unemployment in Haiti was upwards of 80%.   How are they going to absorb 250,000 refugees?   How are they going to eat?   How are they going to have a place to live?  I don’t think thsi is an overstatement to say that this is one of the worst if not the absolute worst humanitarian crisis waiting to happen in the Western Hemisphere.

Yes, what Germany did to the Jews in World War II was way worse.

Yes, what South Africa did to the blacks during apartheid was way worse.

But both Germany and South Africa started somewhere.   And the world didn’t do anything.

And it got worse.

And the world didn’t do anything.

And it got worse.

Not only does Haiti not have the resources to take in 250,000 refugees of blatant racism, but it is just plain wrong.

People will die if this happens.

And the first world is quiet.

Please, I’m done being quiet.   We can’t be quiet.

So what can you do?

Possible things to do:

  1. Pray – pray that God will intervene and stop this from happening.
  2. Boycott the DR – don’t go there and don’t buy anything that comes from them.
  3. Write your local media – forward some of these articles to them – ask them to write about it.
  4. Write your congressional representatives and Senators – ask them why they haven’t done anything.

Below are some links to articles about this disaster that is waiting to happen.   It’s a disaster of a humanitarian sense and a disaster in a spiritual and moral sense.

May we not be quiet while this is happening.




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