What is The Vulnerable Project?

Let me start by saying that it is NOT a 501(c)3 organization.   Why not?  Because being a 501(c)3 would limit what we can do, the efforts we can put together and how we do it.     And we didn’t want to be limited by the government.  Yes, I know there are drawbacks but we’ve weighed them and found the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

We are an organization that has one focus with many aspects to it.    What is that one focus?

Kids.   Kids who are hurting.   Kids who are vulnerable.  Kids who have been treated in ways that they shouldn’t be.

We’re not content with the status quo.   We believe that the world can be a better place for children.

We believe that together, you and I can help change the world.

Even if it’s only for one child, it’s worth it.

Take a few minutes and read over the other tabs at the top of this page to find out the various aspects of what we arer focusing on.

And I hope you’ll join us


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