Waiting for God’s Answers……

We are an impatient society.   I don’t want to check Facebook when I get home, I want to check it now.   Or at the next stop light or while waiting at McDonalds.

I don’t want to plan and wait and organize and think.   I want to come up with an idea and do it now.

I don’t want to save up money, I want to buy it now……

But then it comes to the big issues:

  • Why is there cancer?
  • Why is there poverty?
  • Why is there evil?
  • Why is there malnutrition?
  • Why does greed sneak its way into places it shouldn’t be?

And why are there no easy or quick answers to those questions?

And those are just some of the places where we ask, we wonder and we don’t know.

And then David, in Psalm 62:5, gives us a possible answer to that.

He says, “ God, the one and only—I’ll wait as long as he says.”   (The Message)

God is the one and only.   Not our work, not our organizations, not our mission trips.   God is the one and only.

It’s not us who are going to solve the poverty problem.   God, the one and only, will use man to solve the poverty problem.

It’s not us who are going to bring justice to all of the oppressed.   It’s God, the one and only, who will use man to bring justice to the world.

It’s not us who are going to combat evil, malnutrition, greed and corruption.   It’s God, the one and only, who will solve those problems and will most likely use his people to do so.


And then the second part, the Why and the corresponding “When?”

Why, God?   Why do You allow these things?   And when are You going to make all things new?

We see so many things that aren’t right in this world.   So many things that hurt, that injure, that leave scars and we wonder, “Why God?”

And we acknowledge that God has a plan, He has a long term plan but we question the timing.

King David has an answer,  “God is the one and only, He’s everything I need, so I’ll wait as long as He says.”

I’ll wait as long as He says – even if that means a 50 year old father of 2 dies from cancer.

I’ll wait as long as He says – even if that means that children suffer longer than I’d like.

I’ll wait as long as He says – even if that means that corrupt people remain in positions of power.

I’ll wait as long as He says – even if I don’t want to.


But I’ll also realize that God intends to use His people to fulfill His purposes.

So I’ll say, “Here I am, use me.”

Use me – when you want.

Use me – how you want.

I’ll wait for You.


God’s plan is supreme because He’s the one and only.

We need to wait for Him.   And while we wait, we need to work for Him.

And only Him.


Because He’s the one and only.



Full in the Face

In Numbers 6:26a, (The Message), Moses tells Aaron how to bless the people of Israel:

“God look you full in the face.”

Full in the face.   That means God is paying attention to us.

That means we are paying attention to God.

That means we aren’t trying to hide something from God.   Ever notice how kids do that?   If they have done something wrong, they won’t look you in the eye?

We need to live our lives and approach our heavenly Father “full in the face.”   And then He will do the same thing to us. 

We will have God’s undivided attention.

May God look you full in the face and may you enjoy it and find it encouraging.


Prayer–a crucial weapon

Next week, the first of our monthly prayer newsletters will come out.   What is it?   It’s a collection of needs and prayer requests from organizations scattered all around Haiti.   The one thing they all have in common?   They are all working towards improving the conditions for vulnerable families.

Want to be a part of it?

Want to have a list to pray for?

Go to http://thevulnerableproject.org/praying-for-the-vulnerable/ and sign up.

Thanks for praying for those in need!


Monthly Prayer Update–do you want to be part of it?

One of the goals of The Vulnerable Project is to support the people who are working with vulnerable children and their families through prayer.    As part of that, once a month, we’ll be publishing a “collective” of prayer requests of organizations in Haiti who need prayer support.

Do you work for an organization that supports vulnerable families?   Would you like to be included?

Go to http://thevulnerableproject.org/do-you-work-in-haiti/ and sign up.   No cost, no obligation and no spam.

The first monthly prayer letter is going to go  out next week Monday, so if you want prayer requests included, I need you to get them to me by Monday morning, July 14 at 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time.

E-mail them to me at tom@thevulnerableproject.org.


Tom Vanderwell