Change The World–Part 2–Help You Paddle

In  a continuation of the  thoughts of Admiral McRaven in the commencement speech, the second of the top 10 things he learned was that if you want to change the world, you need to find someone to help you paddle.

Think 7 Navy Seals in a small rubber boat off the coast if California in the middle of the night in 8 to 10 ft. waves.   Do you think they are going to have a lot of success if they are all paddling in different directions and at different times?

Nope, they are not.    They need to move and work as a team.

The same thing goes for any effort to change the world.   You need to have someone to help you paddle.    You need to be able to work as a team to effectively change anything.

One person can’t solve a big problem – but if you have other people helping you paddle,  then you can make a difference.

So, find someone who can help you paddle and can help you change the world.   You’ll be glad you did.