I don’t hardly know where to begin……

While the world has been focused on the terrorist attacks in France that killed, I believe, less than 20 people, this has happened in Nigeria……


Over 2,000 are estimated killed in terror attacks in Nigeria.   

Many are women, children and elderly.

An entire town was leveled.

A 10 year old was used as a suicide bomber.

The Nigerian President has not commented on the attacks.

The US government essentially said, “It’s the Nigerian government’s problem.”

Though the Catholic Archbishop in Jos Nigeria said, “It’s a monumental tragedy…… if we could stop Boko Haram, we would have done it right away.”

Gary Haugen from International Justice Mission was, unfortunately, right.    When, in his book, The Locust Effect, he said that a lack of social justice is the biggest obstacle to helping people get out of poverty.

And a lack of social justice happens when evil people do things like this.

And the government can’t protect them.

And no one else cries out on their behalf.

They are truly vulnerable people.

And this is not right…….